recent sectional tournament

recent sectional tournament

Jun 29, 2010, 6:52 PM |

Hi there, everybody first i would like to state this is my first time blogging and there might be a lot of mistakes so please feel free to critique my work.

So lets start of with the introduction of myself, I am a 13 year old Canadian chess player with a cfc active rating of around 1250 and a regular rating of 1198, I belong to the Calgary chess club and I also have had my butt whooped by a master at simul blindfold chess.

Okay so the event i am showing now was the june fide sectional            (only the section A was fide rated though and the rest was CFC rated) the tournament itself was 5 rounds long, the first 3 rounds being hosted on June 19 and the last 2 on June 26 and the time control was 90 min + 30 sec increment.


Okay so the night before this tournament I had stayed up until 2 am (this round starts at 9) and woke up around 6 so when this round started I was a little tired. This game was basically nothing special many blunders on both sides I think but the mate looked really nice.


 Okay this round was by far the most stressful and here are the reasons why 1. my opponent was a 1600 from ontario who I have no info on.
2. I got my butt handed to me again in blitz by the TD and my self esteem got low (i am that kind of person)
3. The large amount of sugar I ate in the morning to wake myself up was coming back to haunt me.
So anyways here is the game.
Sry about this but i will post the round 3 game later meanwhile round 4 was a bye and round 5 i ended up ripping the score sheet cause if anger of screwing up and heres a link to the results: