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Prayer for teachers (Teacher's Day, November 25th)

Prayer for teachers (Teacher's Day, November 25th)

Nov 26, 2011, 5:38 AM 4

Grant  to teachers  who are sincere in our hearts refine this arduous task with the best. Exert the hearts of our teachers for making the whole activity of education as worship expecting thy grace and pleasure solely.

Bestows a sense of compassion for the line educator dear to their proteges, as they love and cherish their own children, grant to our teachers, patience, fortitude, the spirit of cooperation is high in a team, the spirit of deliberation, and spirit fighters who do not know the word despair in assuming responsibility as an educator and strive to contribute energy, ideas, and expertise to improve the quality of academic and co-curricular student in particular and in the educational arena in general.

Thou kindly bestowed to us the nature of the noble and lofty character, hopefully we will be students who always respected our teachers, to hear the instructions from our teachers, we want a warning and guidance of teachers, may we be beings are perfect and useful to religion, nation, and beloved country. 

Look at  us  with a  view of  love and affection, make it easy all the affairs of our lives both in this world and hereafter, for surely we believe with conviction that contains no doubt, and doubt that it is not fun unless You make it easy affair, and You make the difficult is easy if you allow it.


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