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My best game

My best game

Jan 13, 2018, 5:59 AM 0


This is my best game

.First, I play Queen's Pawn Opening: London System

I checkmated by pawn, that checkmate made me surprise because  think it just a check. 

But I think I still not good at chess, sometimes I always make mistake then I lose.

If you're beginner, I think you should play Rapid chess such as 15|10 ; 15 min ; 20 min ; 25 min ; 30 min..so you can have a lot of time to think. Then you can play Fast chess such as 10 min ; 5|5 ... After that, If you are much better in chess, I think you can play faster, you can play 3|2 ; 3 min and bullet chess such as 1 min ; 30 sec...


(sorry for my English happy.png)

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