"We merely speak the language of chess"

"We merely speak the language of chess"

WIM QueensCrawl
Aug 11, 2016, 1:09 AM |

Over centuries, the gratuitous contributions and thorough study towards this board game has lead to countless publications (to be specific – more books were written about chess than any other sport in the world, combined!). Compositions of notation stand like artwork in a gallery. As decades go by, books are updated and rewritten to benefit the generations to come.

Rest assured, it doesn’t take a genius to understand the mind of a chess player, as essentially anyone is capable of playing the game.

Chess notation will continue to baffle the untrained eye, but there is little that stands between an English speaker and one that has mastered the art of speaking the language of chess.

Chess is, and will always remain a mystery. Surprisingly, to this day, even the best players in the world fail to perfect such a game. Computer engines, group analysis, even a combination of both human and machine can’t fathom a suitable “answer” to chess.
That is why chess will maintain a stronghold on the world for generations to come, with the main aim of creating outcomes overflowing with originality.

This originality is what allows the imaginations of players to simply, let-loose. Whether it is home preparations or over the board combinations, chess players plaster their empty canvases (empty chess boards) with artwork many will fail to understand.

The true geniuses of chess heed more than what scrapes the surface, they discover worlds beneath what meets the eye.
As with most scenarios in life, chess applies the same philosophy:
The closer you look, the less you see.