June Chess Tour results!

June Chess Tour results!

Jun 21, 2017, 8:57 AM |

This months turnout was Small but mighty!! Two brothers from a local chess club came to play

Round 1) The younger brother (Left), who had a nice discovered check winning a bishop eventually beat his older brother to conclude the first round. (Way to go Rico)!!

Round 2) I, and Romero played a very good game that went down to the last seconds of both our clocks! 

Romero timed out in the last seconds and I got the win wink.png 

Round 3) This game went pretty fast. Rico came out guns blazing in this shoot out. move for move back to back. untill.. Check! I moved my kind to safety. And then I made a move that appeared to make a draw. until I delivered a nice check mate to finish off the last round of the tour.


I'm happy that anyone showed up because last month no one came to the event sad.png  So thank you for coming out!! I hope to play with you again. 

Im also hoping to see more players as ive been holding these events for more than a year now.