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Club Game 4 - Alekhine Defense

Club Game 4 - Alekhine Defense

Sep 29, 2009, 4:57 PM 2
Club Game 4 - Alekhine Defense

Tuesday evening has been chess club evening for the last month, and in good tradition I'm sharing my game with you. I think it was a game well played and I consider it my best club game so far - even though I lost in the end.

My opponent employed 1. ..Nf6 against e4. A move I considered to be a bit dubious (as it is highly counterintuïtive), but after some research I must conclude that it is really a very decent move championed by players such as Alekhine (who gave his name to it), Fischer and today Ivanchuk.

I think I got a decent opening and though Fritz evaluates the position as near equal during most parts of the middle game it really wasn't boring equality. Rather, it was a game of threats balancing each other out. (According to Wikipedia this is typical of the highly asymmetrical Alekhine Defense)

I burned up most of my time reaching a endgame that was probably winning, but unfortunately I gave it away after a flawed (absent?) blunder check one of my last Queen moves.

My opponent remarked that he "stole the win", assuring me that I "was definitely playing at 1700 - 1800". It may be true blunders ignored, but I haven't quite ironed them out yet. Still, I did play a good game and I'm happy about it too!


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