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How a good strategy can save a game

How a good strategy can save a game

Sep 4, 2009, 4:18 PM 0
How a good strategy can save a game

In the game below I played a decent opening until I blundered away my e-pawn. Though I wasn't lost immediately I knew that in a quiet game this disadvantage could become rather troubling. After a moment of contemplation I decided to go for the most aggressive play possible, trying to creating tactical complications where I could. I found some justification for this decision in my development advantage, which is usually a good indication that tactical play is possible.

What struck me as most interesting about this game is not that I played flawless. (In fact, I missed many winning lines before I finally won.) What interests me is that the strategic choice (to play an aggressive game) turned out to be sound. In the heat of battle, it can just be very hard to find the right defense all the time, which maximized my winning chances after blundering the e-pawn. I also think the decision was right because I didn't risk too much myself: during large parts of the game the biggest danger for me was equality.

I hope you enjoy this tense tactical game. Annotations with help from Fritz 10 and Der Bringer (a free chess engine). Enjoy!

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