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Winning a tactical Sicilan

Winning a tactical Sicilan

Dec 15, 2009, 8:34 AM 3

Winning a tactical Sicilian

This game was the second game between me and ag59. In the first he had opted for a Queen's pawn game (1.d4) and after being squeezed in the corner a bit I had managed to come out with a winning passer on the a-file.

In this game, I opted for a King's pawn game (1.e4) as I'm more at home in open games. He went for the Sicilian, which is known to be dynamic, unbalanced and dangerous. In general I would say that white had faster development which meant that after opening up the game black was in trouble. I have presented two tactics as puzzles. Enjoy!









For clearance sake: in the first instance black didn't have to play exd5, but even with best moves it was very much lost. Beneath the best line according to Fritz.

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