Who is mittens?

Who is mittens?

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The heels of the chess world have included Soviet grandmasters, alleged cheaters, and faceless supercomputers. But the game’s latest villain is a fearsome genius who quotes French cinema and has played millions of games in just a couple of weeks.

he also happens to be a mean cat. 

Mittens and his history

Mittens—or technically the chess bot known as Mittens—might look cute. His listed chess rating of a single point seems innocuous. But her play over the past few weeks, which has bedeviled regular pawn-pushers, grandmasters, and champions who could play for the world title, is downright terrifying. And as it turns out, people are gluttons for punishment.

Famous People Playing Mittens, more drama

Since introduced this bot with the avatar of a cuddly, big-eyed kitten on Jan. 1, the obsession with playing his has been astonishing. Mittens has crashed the website through its sheer popularity and helped drive more people to play chess than even “The Queen’s Gambit.” has averaged 27.5 million games played per day in January and is on track for more than 850 million games this month—40% more than any month in the company’s history. A video that American grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura posted to YouTube titled “Mittens The Chess Bot Will Make You Quit Chess” has already racked up more than three million views.

“This bot is a psycho,” the streamer and International Master Levy Rozman tweeted after a vicious checkmate this month. A day later, he added, “The chess world has to unite against Mittens.” He was joking, mostly.

Mittens is a meme, a piece of artificial intelligence and a super grandmaster who also happens to reflect the broader evolution in modern chess. The game is no longer old, stuffy and dominated by theoretical conversations about different lines of a d5 opening. It’s young, buzzy and proof that cats still rule the internet.

The past few months have seen yet another surge in the worldwide appeal of chess. The viral image from the World Cup was a Louis Vuitton advertisement showing Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi poring over a board. The picture that summed up the college football national championship was of a TCU fan playing chess on her phone in the stadium while the Horned Frogs got demolished by Georgia. When Slovenian NBA superstar Luka Doncic was asked for his thoughts about Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, he shrugged it off and said he uses his phone to play chess.

None of those moments have driven people to virtual chess boards quite like a cat named Mittens who likes to taunt her opponents while he destroys them.

“I am inevitable. I am forever. Meow. Hehehehe,” Mittens tells his opponents in the chat function of games., the popular platform where both grandmasters and millions of everyday chess lovers play, has a number of bots ranging in skill level and styles for users to challenge. Some are designed to play poorly and be beatable even by a crummy player. Others, in an age when the computers dominate humans, can topple the chess elite.

But Mittens didn’t become a brutal troll until a writer named Sean Becker led a team that developed Mittens’s personality to become the evil genius tormenting chess players everywhere. Part of why Mittens has become such a notorious villain is because his acts like one.

“Meow. Gaze into the long abyss. Hehehehe,” Mittens says, quoting German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

Even his approach to the game is menacing. Mittens is designed to be skillful enough to beat the best chess players on the planet but uses particularly grueling tactics. Becker thought it would be “way more demoralizing and funny” if, instead of simply smashing opponents, Mittens grinded down opponents through painstaking positional battles, similar to the tactics Russian grandmaster Anatoly Karpov used to become world champion.

It hasn’t been difficult for Becker to see the reactions to his masterpiece. Nakamura, who could manage only a draw against Mittens, bluntly said in a video, “This cat is extremely patient, which is kind of annoying. I’m not going to lie.”

Becker has also seen it when he rides the subway and notices someone on their phone getting crushed by Mittens.

“You can see their eyes be kind of afraid,” Becker says. Getting absolutely creamed by Mittens might get old. But his surprising popularity speaks to an underlying current in the chess world as freshly minted fans flow in: People are endlessly curious about new ways to engage with the ancient game. Facing novelty bots is just one of them. There has also been a new wave of interest in previously obscure chess variants.

Other Bots

There are also other cat bots. One is Mr. Grumpers. Another is Catspurrov, which bears a curious resemblance to former world champion Garry Kasparov. None have become a sensation quite like the chess terrorist called Mittens.

“While I still think chess is a symbol of the highest level of strategic thinking,” said chief chess officer Danny Rensch, “it’s also a game that is just incredibly fun and enjoyable.”

If you think Mittens seems easy, lets see by playing some games against her.

Game Number one

Meow! I like chess, hehehehe " ~ Mittens 2023

I blundered out in the openings, and once that happened, slowly he demolished me and then soon later I resigned.

Game Number 2

" I exist at this chess board through all times and realities. Hehehe. Meow. "

I played a normal Queen's Indian, and later on blundered en-passent forgetting about the bishop on g2. Mittens is truly a savage.

Game Number 3 (Final Round)

" All chess players eventually crumble under my mighty paws…I mean, meow. Hehehehe "

Mittens blew me away, after 3 rounds I gave up and I agreed it's impossible to beat this crazy kitten!!

We must report this cat. He either is sandbagging or using assistance, which is's fair play policy. Can mitten's be world champion? What is his real elo? Only future can tell.

Do you want to try to beat this kitten? PLAY HERE! (edit It's remove)

Remember, never underestimate the power of anyone. Even the kitten!

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