About me

GM Rakhmanator
Feb 25, 2011, 1:07 AM |

I'm Rakhmanov Aleksandr, Grandmaster from Russia.I'm 21 years old

ELO FIDE - 2590 (Max. 2605 - September 2010)

Bronze-Medalist of the European Chess Championship under 18 (2007, Croatia).
Bronze-Medalist of the World Chess Championship under 18 (2007, Turkey).

Winner and prize winner of many International Chess tournaments.

My interests: Chess, Sport (Muai-Tai, Football, Run, Gym, Yoga), Self-improvement, Girls, Fun, Fight Club, Extreme, Good books, Business, Trips.


And now some questions for you!Smile

What are your hobbies?What sport do you like?

What are your chess level and goals?

What chess questions do you have?