Chess Match MSU - RSSU

Chess Match MSU - RSSU

GM Rakhmanator
Sep 30, 2011, 6:52 AM |

The match between Moscow State University (MSU) and Russian State Social University (RSSU) select teams was held in honor of the 100th birthday of M.M. Botvinnik, the 6th world chess champion.

There were 100 games played, both select teams tried to find best players and to set them under their banners. It was enough to watch at least 5 initiate boards to understand the whole seriousness of the event.

International Grandmasters Dmitry Yakovenko, Vadim Zvjagintsev, Sergey Smagin, Sergey Shipov, Alexey Gavrilov represented the MSU select team. Sergey Karjakin, Yan Nepomniachtchi, Ernesto Inarkiev, Aleksandr Rakhmanov, Dmitry Frolyanov, etc. represented RSSU. Chancellors Victor Sadovnichiy (MSU) and Vasily Zhukov (RSSU) were heads of their select teams. The FIDE President Kirsan Ilumzhinov also attended the match.

There was a friendly atmosphere during the match, RSSU students presented pennants with the image of their University to hosts, MSU Chancellor presented colored books to the guests. Nevertheless, after some initiating minutes a strong contest began.

It must be said that RSSU managed to include in their team better trained sportsmen. Most of them are people who practice currently and regularly participate in different competitions. Experience and longer University history were the MSU advantages. The University called to previous years' graduates, soviet Grandmasters, Masters of Sports and youth for defending its honor. Time limit (one hour for every participant) let spectators to see very interesting games completions. There were nice combinations, smart positional decisions as well as time limit games and rough slips during the time trouble.

The International Grand Masters Sergey Shipov and Aleksandr Rakhmanov played at the 4th board.Shipov is a strong blitz player and commentator of big chess events.

End of this game

After all games were completed and the main judge Edward Dubov counted teams points it was found out that RSSU select team achieved a victory over MSU select team 75,5:24,5. Representatives of RSSU won 60 games, the draught was made 31 times and 9 times representatives of MSU managed to win. It is possible to say that practice achieved a victory over the experience.

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