Free "7 days" course

GM Rakhmanator
Mar 28, 2011, 11:28 AM |

I have counted number of coaches I have worked in different ways with recently It has made up 19 specialists in common (individual and group trainings), including chess and other kinds of sport (running, swimming, boxing and gym), and also personal and self-development!

In the questions I knew badly or did not know absolutely, I always addressed to the expert. Yes, it would be possible to waste the time on information processing and to do it for himself. But the person who has devoted great part of his life to his favorite occupation and has reached good results in it, usually knows it much better than you.

Also a great advantage of working with the coach is obligatory fulfillment of tasks and trainings. It is connected with your personal responsibility.

On this basis I have created this free course called "7 days".

There is no openings, tactics, or strategy in it. What does the course consist of?

There is a lot of materials and information around, and so few real actions. In this course there will be only practical tasks. What kind of?

Those who will have passed the complete course will learn it.

I can only tell you that these 7 days will improve your chess skills.

You can read some more detailed information about the program of the course and registration rules below: "7 days course".

Free "7 days" course

Here I offer you more detailed information about the course:

1. Course will start on Monday, 4th of April.

2. About 200 person will pass the course. The later you will be registered, the less is the possibility of getting in their number.

3. The course is free-of-charge.

4. The course lasts 7 days.

5. You receive the next day tasks soon after you send us the current task report .

6. You will have 1-2 days to perform the task completely.

To take part, it is necessary for you:
- To be registered on a site
- To send us your application form per e-mail  with a theme "I want"
- In your letter you have to specify the login under which you were registered on the site

Best regards,Aleksandr.