Individual Chess Coaching

GM Rakhmanator
Jun 3, 2011, 3:05 AM |

Let's find out, how the coach can help at the individual class. And if there can be a difference from group work or courses.

Endgame? No.
Tactics? No.
Strategy Lessons? No.
Opening? More close, but not right again.

The real help of personal trainings I see in analysis of student's game. It is not such analysis where "?" marks are put after each step and comments "it was better to play that way" followed. But it is the analysis revealing the fact that caused the mistake. It helps to work out the correct program of trainings.

Now I consider that the student-coach communication at remote training is sufficient to have once in two weeks or even once a month. Thus, the student tells about the tasks made and then the program of trainings is corrected. The game analysis or the program of trainings with the tasks, all the rest - is money wasting.

Best regards, Aleksandr.