My goals

My goals

GM Rakhmanator
Mar 1, 2011, 11:02 AM |

I have set a few objectives that I'd like to reach in the near future. When it comes to personal goals, I have many, and it is always interesting and rewarding to reach them.

The following are my three main goals for the first half of 2011:

1. To create and promote a website about chess and sports.
2. To be featured in a popular magazine because of chess, and sporting successes.
3. To win Russian BlitzSprint Championship(chess,ping-pong,run 200m,swimming 50m)

Set goals and achieve them!

I love the sports lifestyle; I believe in the development of one's body and spirit. It brings me joy when people follow my advice, and it also allows for there to be more healthy and athletic people in the world!

What's the reason for your life? Do you have goals and dreams? Do you fulfill them?

Make a list of goals and desires and strive to reach them!

Life is short, sometimes it's not possible to put off a goal for "later". Enjoy the activities, not the goal, then, and only then, will you achieve your aim.


Best regards,Aleksandr.