Sports in your life.

GM Rakhmanator
Feb 25, 2011, 1:12 AM |

How much of your life is dedicated to sports? Do you focus on sports due to your health and body? A person's appearance often determines his status, aggrandizement, and even invokes interest from the opposite sex.

I believe that everyone should exercise regularly. There are many obvious advantages to sports as an exercise and as an activity, for example: the improvement of one's health and body, mental relaxation (change of activity), the development of self-confidence, rise in self-appraisal, the development of a beautiful and brawny body, attention from the opposite sex, the overcoming of fears, and additional energy to spend on other aspects of life.

Don't sit around doing nothing - enjoy a workout!

The decision is completely yours, and with this you can either be a loser or a winner!

Note: Either you do the hitting, or you get hit! There is no other way. This is the same in rule as in life, either you lead the game, or you come in second.

Be cool,Aleksandr.