GM Rakhmanator
Jul 1, 2011, 1:21 AM |

Chess Understanding Course

Chess understanding is the key factor influencing the result of a game.

The correct position evaluation shows not only the level of your understanding of chess, but also the game level as a whole.

The understanding is the same skill as tactical thinking. Accordingly, the way of training should be similar.

Have you ever seen the tactics lectures conducted?

Yes, of course, there is a benefit of lectures, strategic elements studying, reading, etc. But this knowledge is difficult to apply without practical trainings.

The basic part of this course contains 64 tasks. Having solved them, you get the skill of position evaluation, but not only. You will gain powerful effect, comparing your answers with my comments to each exercise.

I don't want to do superfluous advertizing and all these "bla-bla-bla". I concentrate on qualitative product creation which will improve your game.

If you want to play well - this course is for you!

So, what the course consists of:

- a training material of a position evaluation (pdf);

- 64 practical tasks for a position evaluation (pgn);

- answers and my comments to each exercise (pdf).

The idea of this course is not just learning to evaluate a position correctly, but also learning to understand a position and to see the key moments influencing its evaluation and a choice of a correct course.

"I found Aleksandr Rakhmanov's course very helpful. It was very challenging. I've already won one tournament since taking the lessons. I encourage anyone interested in improving to take the course. I think it can make anyone a much better player".

Ray Kappel

The overall cost of chess understanding course is only 15$.

It is possible to get the course in the following ways:

- To pay on a site chess.comĀ  http://www.chess.com/coach/rakhmanator

- To pay using moneybookers.com

All other variants are specified individually. For this purpose it is necessary to communicate by e-mail sportchess@gmail.com and to inform on a preferable way of payment.

When the necessary amount is deposited, please, write the letter on the address sportchess@gmail.com and within 48 hours you will get a training course on chess understanding attached to the letter of response.

Best regards, Aleksandr.