GM Rakhmanator
Sep 1, 2011, 10:41 AM |

I continue the series of courses intended for development of chess understanding.I have been preparing this course for 2 months. First of all, it should be noted that I believe only in a practical way of training. Any theoretical lesson can be good and useful, but you won't achieve better results without practice. It is precisely this method of grandmasters' trainings that is used in the Russian chess school.

"It is better to follow out a plan consistently even if it isn't the best one than to play without a plan at all. The worst thing is to wander about aimlessly."
Alexander Kotov

This chess course is aimed at choosing the right move and searching the plan. More often this complicated choice between the possible moves and game plans comes with difficulty. Especially for inexperienced chess players.

"Playing for complications is an extreme measure that a player should adopt only when he cannot find a clear and logical plan."
Alexander Alekhine

In the basis of move's choice are some principles of the game, following which you can easily find a right way and win. What is more, you can learn this skill!

For whom?

Of course, for those who like to improve. For those who want to play better. For those who want to win. For those who want to upgrade their tournament results.

I have to say, it's not for fun. Each improvement is the result of good work. So, if are not ready for solving, it's not for you.

What level is required for the course? This course is for players with rating 1500+ (UCF), 1500+ (FIDE).

What results will I get?

You will increase the level of understanding. It will be easier for you to choose the right game plan and move.

You will add about 30-100 points to your playing strength after completing the course.

So, what the course consists of:

1. A training material (pdf):
- 4 steps how to find a plan;
- key questions;
- mind map;
- examples.

2. 64 specially prepared tasks for solving (pgn);

3. Answers and my comments to each exercise (pdf).

What is the price?

The course is available under the special price of 29$.


How to buy? 

It is possible to get the course in the following ways:

- To pay on a site chess.com

All other variants are specified individually. For this purpose it is necessary to communicate by e-mail sportchess@gmail.com and to inform on a preferable way of payment.

When the necessary amount is deposited, please, write the letter on the address sportchess@gmail.com and within 36 hours (payment correctness checking) you will get a training course on chess understanding attached to the letter of response.