Cleveland Open Final Round

Sep 3, 2013, 8:07 PM |

I went into the final round of the Cleveland Open in a 5 way tie for first.  If I won, I got a share of the top prizes.  If I drew, I expected to get a prize in the $200 range, which would about cover the entry fee and hotel.  Under these conditions, the motivation to win was rather strong.  I drew the highest rated opponent in the section.  One of the younger players had been talking to my son, and I discovered that my opponent played the Dragon when he got the chance.  I was happy to be armed with that piece of intelligence...

The other leaders finished their games early, so this the last game in my section that determined any prize money.  I finished in a 3 way tie for first.  My kids were watching this, and figuring how much I could win if I did not choke.  When I walked out of the tournament hall I was greeted with a high five and the announcement of how much I won. 

Comments on the game are appreciated.