Cleveland Open Round 1 and 2

Aug 12, 2013, 9:32 PM |

Last weekend, my sons and I played in the Cleveland Open.  With 221 players, it was the biggest event I have played in.  I played in the Under 1800 section.  The first two games were G/90 with a 10 second delay.  I am used to playing much faster, so this speed was very enjoyable, as it allowed me to think much deeper than I normally do.

I could have won that game, but because I had a draw, my pairings were easier for the next 3 rounds.

One noteworthy feature of this event was the "mixed doubles" competition.  If you could find a partner of the opposite sex (a challenge in any chess tournament), you could act as a team.  The first and second place couples (using the term loosely) with the highest combined score won prizes of $400 and $200.  There was no additional cost to enter, so essentially, it was free money.  I tried to get my sons to find partners, but they seemed disinclined to pursue a chance at free money if it required speaking to girls they didn't know.