Dr Phil Show (the wife)

Jun 1, 2008, 4:57 AM |

I saw one show of the Dr Phil , I don't know if you know or not , or if you like or not

but  in that show was talking about one wife and husband , she  has 15 relationships with other men .. her husband knows about that , and he was trying to solve the problem and keep the marriage and  he doesn't believe in divorce

I really want to know the reasons for such thing .. specially that It is now everywhere in the world and why some  women are becoming like this 

another case was about a women  left the house and lived with the neighbor because she knew that her husband make relation with other woman ,, so she punished him with making a relation with the neighbor and stayed at his house 3 days ... 

I believe that women could  have all the good  specifications that we think of ,  so  while I believe that women are equal to men in everything So : 

My wife should be  :

Smart , Nice , Cute , honest

non smoker

non alcoholic


not too much beautiful  

doesn't get angry for stupid reason

not too much tall , ( up to 200 cm)

not too much weight  .. ( up to 70 kg ) 

doesn't have relations with other men

doesn't hug or kiss others ..

The Wife , the house and the car  can't be shared  


I want to analyse how to keep the society  from getting worse , and protecting the women from being cheap ,,,

can we do that to build a nice societies !!  for our children ..