Pt. 6 of Bobby Fischer’s TOP 10 LIST of the World’s Best Chess Players

In 1964, for ChessWorld Magazine, Robert James Fischer was asked to name the Top 10 Best Chess Players in the world. 
Here is his list (in alphabetical order) of those players:

Alexander Alekhine, José Capablanca, Paul Morphy, Samuel Reshevsky, Boris Spassky, Howard Staunton, Wilhelm Steintz, Mikhail Tal, Siegbert Tarrash, and Mikhail Tchigorin. 

Howard Staunton - 1810 - 1874

If a vote was taken among chess-players as to which pieces they most enjoyed playing with, the Staunton chessmen would win by an overwhelming margin.  The English Opening, named for Staunton's use of it against Saint-Amant.

Fischer said: His games are completely modern, but very few of them show brilliancies. He understood all the positional concepts we now hold so dear.

This is Staunton's first game with 1. c4, played against Saint-Amant during their 1843 Paris match.



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