Pt. 8 of Bobby Fischer’s TOP 10 LIST of the World’s Best Chess Players

In 1964, for ChessWorld Magazine, Robert James Fischer was asked to name the Top 10 Best Chess Players in the world. 
Here is his list (in alphabetical order) of those players:

Alexander Alekhine, José Capablanca, Paul Morphy, Samuel Reshevsky, Boris Spassky, Howard Staunton, Wilhelm Steintz, Mikhail Tal, Siegbert Tarrash, and Mikhail Tchigorin. 

Mikhail Tal - 1936 –1992

 Fischer said: Even after losing four games in a row to him I still consider his play unsound. He is always on the lookout for some spectacular sacrifice, that one shot, that dramatic breakthrough to give him the win.

Tal is in the act of playing 7 ... Ne7. (This is game 23 in Fischer's "My 60 Memorable Games".)

This game was front page news for many newspapers. There were also articles on this in many magazines of the era. 

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