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Loving That Girl of Destiny

Loving That Girl of Destiny

Nov 22, 2014, 7:31 AM 0

I've got plenty of emails recently asking how to love a girl, specially if that girl is your soulmate, a girl who also knows how to play chess. I can tell that there are several ways to show your love to the person whom you love. One way around is to give her too much attention, yeah, I know it's too much but that is the best thing that you should do, giving her all the best that you have, which includes time, effort and love or affection. Since, both of you have the same interest so it would be better to spend time playing chess together, and maybe because of your new found inspiration you will become one of the chess grandmasters. As we all know, we should work hard giving all our 99% of hardwork and 1% of inspiration. Aside from these things, it would be best to share your thoughts and have a sweet and nice conversation with her. If you do have a good sense of humor, well, it is a plus factor. :) lol.

Anyway, always remember friends that you do have a life outside. Enjoy it and live with it. Chess can be addicting sometimes that it becomes your daily habit unless if you found your true love with this game and in that case, good for you lad! :). Alright folks! If you want to know more about this game just view my previous blogs and I hope you will learn something new from them.


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