Catholic Confessions

Nov 16, 2008, 6:07 PM |

Call me Constantine, chasing intangible dreams, and it seems,

that catholic confessions, are nothing but life loosing lessons..

in reverse, so I foolishly fling feeling to the side, because callus cuts wont let the reside..

in a heart that hardly healed, the hangman came, and i did not appeal..

the accusations. Accused and accosted on all accounts,.... for reparation??

so I mount the menacing machine just to make amend, trying to feel clean!

But unforgiven, not only a word for me but a way of living.

because living and losing go hand and hand, so I leave hope to the foolish man!

Save your prayers, prescriptions, propositions, and protection, for he who seeks perfection.

For he who lets shit go unsaid, forget enslaved I rather be dead!

because yes I am going to die, but I don't dare dig a deeper ditch, I wont let you shave my tongue just to leave my mind to itch!

Because I keep receiving invitations from Satan,

for snake are so sneaky, and he tells me God wont forgive

But in Him I still put my faith, for ever damned, but at least I found my way!

............This poems basic meaning, (though it has many to me) is saying I don't care if I make it to heaven, as long as I die trying!