Dog Ship

Nov 16, 2008, 4:40 PM |

In my peace, I have been preparing for war! While I have serenity I have learned to seek more....

armorments. So now I am not worried about getting hit. Because the Dog Ship has my six!

You see in this world of chaos, I hold no fears, because my worse enemy is me right here!

Every time I was near death, it was I who took the wrong steps!

It was I who was failure because I did not try, I was I who was a failure because I wanted to die!

But I took a step back from myself, and realized I got through because of His help,

So I manned up, drop to my knees, put my hands together and gave praised to where the belonged! so believe me when you see me I not walking alone!

The Dog Ship has my six!

.............A dog ship is an airial craft/gun ship that give support form the sky to troops being dropped in a hostile zone, and my six is my back