King of Sorrow

Nov 6, 2008, 1:49 PM |

As i walk through the rubble and debris, of my once heart, that use to be.

I pick up a piece of broken glass and in it i see,

Vivian, such a beautiful spirit, and how she wanted to give me the world, but I did not want to hear it!

I walk a little more and step on something that is hard,

It is a brick that is  Tina who was my first love, but I was to young and to dumb, so all I wanted was lust!

Lying next to the brick is some mortar, which turns out to be two fold in torture,

Melissa and Elaina, both so a like, and in the end all I game them both was spite!

I take a step to the left and find a piece of lathe who is Lucy,

and I still remember how she begged me to make her my wife, but I knew I could not love her for life!

Look there, that splinter of wood,

Is Samantha, who was wowed by my words, and in return all I gave her was hurt!

This rusty nail that I almost stepped on  is Veronica,

who I did promise my hand in matrimony, but little did she know I was already married!

Yes this is my heart, broken all apart!

Where I have sentenced myself to walk for life, through the lonely days, and dark cold nights!

Yet the wreaking ball that destroyed this once a evil temple of a heart,

Oh yes she was so beautiful and she was so strong, she shattered my world and her name was Ivonne!

All the names in this poem are real, and the things I did to them are also. In many poems I have tried to plead my apologies, yet I hope this one is right on target!.... The tittle was taking from a song sung by the artist Sade.