May 10, 2009, 9:19 AM |

Destined to swoon, love that was formed under the rays of the moon, but not before their fires of desires are consumed,

And if you take this to be a love of less, I say at least this love gave its best, so then why are souls serching for eternal nest,

When the stars themselves are destined to die, why did they try, to live a life in the nights sky,

If for no other purpose than to look down from their heavenly perch, for they know the eventual fall will hurt, but with mighty heights they still flirt,

For feeling is not worth feeling if not fully felt, yet how many heart do you know that wont fully melt, all because love has left its welts,

But I say a star that has shinned for a second, is better than that that has never, for pain is cousin to pleasure, so by what other rule should love measure,

If not by one night at a time, in a midnight summers dream while the moon shines, were lovers love because love is not a crime!