Offerings to a Queen

Nov 4, 2008, 9:39 AM |

I have tried to get the courage up to talk to you time and time again, but I find your beauty to intimidating.

I want to give you the words you deserve, but I hesitate because I don't want to sound rehearsed.

I wish I could approach you with coolness and composure,

but shyness kicks into overdrive, by the slightest glimpse of your eyes.

I want to ask you questions like, whats you favorite color, music, movie, food, but i stay silent because I don't want to sound like a fool.

You see in the presence of a Queen like you I just a peasant.

I haven't any diamonds nor gold, to put at you thrown.

I am just an impoverished poet, intrigued by you beauty yet to nervous to show it.

But if I could coolly collect my thought and offer them up on a plate of honesty, laced in smooth rhythmic poetry,

could that be good enough for a Queen, for this is my offering!