Painting You

Nov 14, 2008, 8:57 PM |

I wish I could let you know,

that as soon as I met you I went home, started this poem.

And I know no words cant compare nor depict, you picture perfect description,

So I am just  trying to pay a little homage to your angelic grace, why if I were a painter, this would be a portrait of your angelic face.

I wish I could perfectly place words to match you Romanesque cheek and chin, and you also had some Latin blend,

so you hair was satin black, with deep brown eyes looking back

those blue jeans that black leather, I had never seen a women looking  better.

you spoke with street wise whits yet from you pronunciations I could tell you were well educated,

and how I don't know, but I kept my composer, though to be honest Id probably passed out if you came any closer,

I was at awe that you spoke to me at all, I wanted to give you my number, hoping you would give me a call,

but then I thought to myself, why ruin such a picture perfect muse, and so I went home, and starting painting this poem of you!