Peerless Beauty

Nov 15, 2008, 7:36 AM |

Oh Lady of extraordinary beauty, to know the word that are in my heart pains me,

Would that our lives might be united by the starry bonds of love, no because it was not ordained by the heavens above.

Our paths have crossed but you and I are different roads, you have to go your way and I have to go mine, this we both know.

Yearning for you is deep, and thought of you wont allow me to sleep,

Because I know you would wed your fate to mine, and wish I would wait, yet my affections for you  makes this to much for my heart to take.

I will walk away with nothing lost, and the world gained, for in my heart it was worth all the pain,

The Lord knows I am no fool for falling for you,

For any man who could not fall for a Lady such as yourself, is not a man but mearly a shell.

I will always smile for the kiss that was never to be, for it truly meant the world to me.

May God bring you love and happiness, and Lady always know in your beauty that you are peerless.

With these words I say my good byes, as I walk away my heart cries!

...............OK so this poem to me, by far is probably the greatest, because of all the inspirations that help build this poem.... I had met Sariah in about June of 2006. Her and I were just friends, and we would do all kinds of weird word games. She loved to challenge my thought. Well one day she asked me if I like poetry. "Like it, no I love it and write it" I said. She asked me to compose some word and so I did. (not this poem) However I found myself writing more, and more. (I have been writing poetry since I was nine, but never took it seriously) Well I began to realize that I have a poetic voice that wanted to be heard, and have not put down the pen since.......As wrote this poem I was listening to Louis Armstrong, reading Don Quixote and just starting Steven Kings, Dark Tower series. I cant recall now but the I believe second bar and fifth bar were taking form one of the books by King, and the wording was Servantez.

P.S Her and I feel in love, but she was to scared to commit, and I to in love to wait!