Return to Ruin

May 8, 2010, 9:53 AM |

Not for nothing, because , causeĀ  was the mater. compound fractures, yet it still doesn't shatter.

Effect, was no anticipation of infection, yet affected by affections, know one was guessing.

So sweet sonnets begun to be sung, spring was the step, yet by summer the trap had been sprung.

Now, encircled by a wall of emotion, enslave to a magic potion, something thought to be closed, was found open.

But even in the toughest of defence's, you can find a entrance.

Plans amounting to nothings, yet now revel in the revelation that it has becomeĀ  something.

Rationalization,... not really, but rather, run away insanely,

Yet painly, was the return,in the pit where it burns,

No need to stoke that fire of desire,

and like mouths to the flame, the shattered embrace the pain, changing joy into its name.

Not for nothing, if nothing is all that is left, and if nothing is free, then free is the nothing of the gift.