Spirit of Inspirartion

Apr 9, 2010, 2:19 PM |

Some days, I tire of my words,

And I feel like I am rewriting what I already written, then you come along and move my hand, and move my pen.

When in my soul, my movement slow, and my morale is low,

I write what ever comes to mind, but seldom to I intend to show you,

Yet every time, your read what I wrote, line for line.

Often, from my writings I think of walking away, but it is because of you, that I stay.

My poetry is only half written, without you there, taking the time to listen, and if its gotten any better, your the one that has made the difference.

And there are times when my words are nothing more than tears that I cant cry,.. instead of making me feel less of a man, you praise me, even before the ink drys.

Sometime I write, and think I am not understood, then you tell me how my words made you feel good.

Other time I write to hide from the my pain, but your word are always the same.

Kind comments, ginuwine concern, encouraging with me with every word.

I will forever owe you a dept of gratitude, for if not for you

there would be, none of my poetry, so please keep moving my pen, my hand,.... and me!