The silent heart!

Nov 27, 2008, 4:04 PM |

Intentions of the heart, I keep silent, yet not to mention is tearing me apart.

Shall I reveal what my heart truly feels?

I thank not,

for I want to reach out, and pull you in to me, but even at the thought my heart skips a beat.

Could you be the unseen figure in my dreams?

For even though you deny it, I see the look in your eyes, and wonder why you fight it.

You pull me close only to push me away, so all I want to say is in my heart, and for now that's where it will stay.

Yet I know my hold on my emotions are growing weak, and I barely stop myself every time I begin to speak.

So shall I, will I, no I think not, for my words are in my heart, and this is where they will remain caught!