Those Eyes!

Nov 21, 2008, 4:15 PM |

Those eyes, what was it about those eyes?

I could not, nor would not pull away, I was lost in them, and lost was where I wanted to stay!

I felt my breath, pulled from my chess,

off of your every glance, I did my best to keep my stance,

but those eyes, your eyes!

I could do nothing but stare, and now try as I may to describe, yet their are no words to compare,

the magnitude of there beauty, and how even now they still pull me.

For now I am held captive by those eyes, your eyes!

Yes, I have been inprisoned, and now this is were I want to be living,

but it doesn't make since, how even though your not here, those eyes, your eyes are still present!

For never have I ever been tamed, and normally I have more restraint, but now I feel insane,

How and why? but those, your eyes!