Whats the, the???

Nov 24, 2008, 5:31 PM |

The waves crash, you pass,

which is noticed first?

The wind blows, the beat goes,

what is life?

The pen writes, the warrior fights,

whats the cause?

The cigarette is lite, some live script,

whats the purpose?

The pillar is built, the flower wilts,

whats the why?

The wheel spins, we all sin,

whats the coarse?

The bridge is made, the reasons fade,

Whats the sorrow for?

The die has be cast, teaches teach math,

whats the use?

The mortar is pored, the food is stored,

whats the time????

.......... This is another one of my free style series poems. I ask you, the reader to not ask what it means, but rather just let it mean something to you!