Wilsons Farm Girl

Feb 5, 2009, 1:38 PM |

For days, I have been walking around in a haze.

kind of lost in a loop of rhythm and rhyme, with no reason, I started believing,

that the ink and paper were only produsing vapors.

For a while I figured this funk was stuck in my mind, then you changed that with one look from your eyes!

I was lost in that every green, like a walking dream,

and I must apologize for staring so hard, but your beauty caught me off guard!

I almost tripped walking in, because some kind of trance you had me in!

Try as I may, I could not pull my eyes away,

from yours, as I walked through the door.

Thinking to myself that heaven truly holds some beauty, your eyes made you more than just some cutie!

Yea, it was like that, time ten, so I went home, and begun writing,

hoping to catch some of this feeling before it could fade, but I doubt that, because one look from your eyes and everything changed,

You dragged me out, of this writers drought,

and its such a shame, I never caught your name,

because I was lost in my own world, so I nicked named you the Wilson Farms Girl!