Winds of Love vs. Winds that move Us

Apr 18, 2010, 9:37 AM |

No, we cant dictate when the winds of love will blow our way, we are only pawns to how they play.

A thousand time when struck by the arrow I did stay, and nine hundred and ninety times my heart did brake,

So whos to say that this once, we wont get all our wants,

for, I have had it once before, but now I'm on the road of searching for more.

We both knew that the road we met on, was an intersection, that had no shoulder's for affection.

Yet resting in each other arms, we could not restist, yet now its time to move on so why do we persist,

to embrace, for the longer we hold one to one another, our steps to walk away will only be harder.

This is why I both damn and praise the Gods, giving us this chance meeting, and still stacking the odds.

Am I supposed to take your image, let it fade to a silhouette, then super impose it onto another, and if so, then how can she ever be my lover?

Because forgetting is not an option, yet nor is staying....

And even if,  your were to go with,

we both know it would not be what you want, and your happiness is my only desire, I'd rather our hearts brake, than for us to live as liars.

There was a time, were just for the feeling of the moment, I would compromise emotions for feelings.

Yet the price, became to much to pay, and now this is why its so easy for me to walk away,

because it is the hardest thing to do, I know one day, because of it, you'll see that I truly loved you.

And if one this grand earth there is no other soul to match your soul, nor mine, out paths will cross again, and maybe next time, the odds wont be mean, but kind.

And a hope so, for the Gods who control the roads!