UEC Conference Championship games

UEC Conference Championship games

Jan 31, 2015, 4:41 PM |

UpState 8 Conference Champions 4-0

40|5 time control


    We were undefeated in conference play coming into this tournament. The 2 teams which had the opportunity to upset us were Metea Valley and Waubonsie valley. This was a must win tournament because it will help decide the seeding for the ever so important state tournament in February. I recently felt I have been starting to hit my stride as I continually jump large margins in rating points for USCF matches. Currently I am rated 1500 however I know I have not reached my potential yet. 


Round 1 vs East Aurora:

This was so one sided there is no point in sharing it. 1-0 me.


Game 2 vs Saint Charles East: 

This was a nice easy win and got my confidence up for the next match. 


Game 3 vs Metea Valley:

    This is a solid team which should not be taken lightly. We played the Grunfeld exchange variation. I am starting to play the grunfeld exclusively against d4, so I know the key ideas behind this opening. However my memory for white's moves was a bit rusty. In the end I was able to get a solid center and win the game. After about move 24 I knew my team needed me to win to be able to secure the team win. I also had about 5 mins at move 24


Game 4 vs Waubonsie Valley:

It's crunch time. This game is for all the marbles. Winner takes home the trophy and bragging rights. (They are our rival school). I actually played this same guy in a USCF tournament a month and 1/2 a go. He beat me because I let him pawn for 2 of my knights... However I have improved a lot since then. Before the game I asked him how he lost in the USCF tournament. He told me, “He played the Grunfeld". I jokingly said it's a good thing I don't play that hahahahah.. (All part of my plan). This was a solid win for me. I actually chcked it with the engine after the game and it said the majority of my moves were very accurate.