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Roller coaster ratings ride

Mar 31, 2008, 2:28 AM 1
At the moment my rating is going up and down like a roller coaster, and I'd like it to just go in one direction, namely up :)Cool. I've spent some time learning with chess mentor and tactics trainer, some I get, some I just dont see until the answers and even worse some I don't see even after the answer! I have spent a bit of time learning,but if I'm honest I suppose I could always work harder. It just seems a roller coaster ride and I'm not sure that the work I've done has had any impact on my game. I hope it has, but I've a nasty feeling that chess mentor and tactics trainer encourages a 'false sense of security'. I've decided to study opening more, I've got to start somewhere, and work out the common lines and common responses. My target of 1300 looks close now, but 1350 or more seems ambitious.It all seems a bit frustrating. Perhaps wanting 'instant' improvement is a bit unrealistic. Or perhaps it's the learning curve, a lot of progress followed by a period of stagnation, followed by more progress. I'll keep on keeping on.

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