School Chess Championship

Jul 29, 2015, 12:02 AM |
My Story:
In 2014 a new guy came to school who shall remain nameless and we quickly became friends. One thing that changed with his arrival is that he beat everyone in our school in chess even though i would later find out he was only around the 1400-1550 playing strength range. This combined with my giving up of video games led to the creation of my account in april and the beginning of my journey in learning the finer points of chess.
This culminated in my entering into my school's chess tournament (not that strong a field i will admit). I cleared the group stages and made it into the knockout stage. In round 2 i was paired up with my friend and lost quickly but thankfully that was my only loss. Annoyingly after he won his game in round 3 he was automatically put into the grand finals whilst i had to endure two more rounds to prove myself. In true underdog style (my online score against him is still a dismal  6W 30L 2D) i defeated him in the finals. Sadly i didn't record the game but the critical position will forever be etched in my memory:
I had played my friend many times and we had thoroughly explored each others styles when playing/combatting 1.e4 / 1.d4 and their various replies so i prepared for our 2014 game by purchasing "The Dynamic English" by Tony Kosten. I was only able to remember vague ideas at the time though but i was more than pleased with the result as the 2014 grand final was my first time ever playing the english and after i won i didnt play it again for several months because i didnt want to upset my 100% success rate :D
The Saga Continues... 
Fast track to 2015 and a new foe appears on the scene. Like my friend he has only come to my school in yr 11 (he's one year younger than us). Sadly I again lost to my friend early on in the knockout stage but thankful it was double elimination meaning i could still win overall. Annoyingly my friend lost to the new guy meaning i once again had to playoff with my friend only this time in the semi finals instead of the grand finals, with the winner being the challenger against the undefeated new guy in the grand final.
This time i was black however, and wanting to have the psychological edge i played an O'kelly sicilian, something i had never played against him before. He was slowly tightening the strangle hold he had on me until he pushed a pawn forward only to realise i could capture and be a pawn up so he moved his pawn back. Being the competitive twat that i am i enforced the touch move rule and was happily a pawn up but such was the strength of his position that i had to give it up several moves later to stay alive. We entered into an equal endgame but he became greedy and avoided the chance at a perpetual resulting in me promoting and subsequently winning.
Thus in the grand final, i was squared off against my new foe. The pressure was on for me to defend my 2014 title, and so i once again played my beloved english. I still hadn't memorized variations after 1.c4 e5 2.g3 but i had since studied patterns and ideas connected significant piece placements, such as in the game a pawn on c6, leading me to essential 'suss' out several moves of theory using my positional knowledge.