9th International Open Chess Tournament of Kalamaria!

9th International Open Chess Tournament of Kalamaria!


Yesterday, September 5, the 9th International Open Chess Tournament of Kalamaria ended. It started at August 29.

This year the formerly prestigious tournament, which usually had even grandmasters participating in earlier versions, failed to live up to it's reputation, with the average quality lowered significantly. However, this doesn't mean there weren't good players in the top, with Galopoulos Nikolaos (2402 FIDE rating) and Argiroudis Stamatis (2327 FIDE rating) having a heated battle in the top, with Galopoulos prevailing after winning his last round game (finishing with 8/9) against Argiroudis, who finished second. Third place was taked by Romanos Theodoros of 2091 FIDE rating.

16-year old Papakonstantinou Dimitrios (2129 FIDE rating) finished 5th overall, and of course also first in the U-16 category.

Serbian Minovanovic Ninoslav (2143 FIDE rating), besides achieving 6th place overall, also was the first veteral (55 years old or older).

Grapsa Georgia (2044 FIDE rating) finished 8th overall and was also first woman.

Koutroukis Andreas (1884 FIDE rating), after scoring a last round win against Kakushadze Ilia (2037 FIDE rating), finished 9th overall and first in the U-18 category.

14-year old Gouloutis Nikolaos (1938 FIDE rating) finished 11th overall and was first in the U-14 category.

14-year old Tsolaki Eleni (1703 FIDE rating), who caused an upset by beating Gouliaros-Antoniadis Alexandros (1895 FIDE rating) in the last round, finished 23rd, and was also second woman and first girl U-14.

European Girls U-12 Champion Avramidou Anastasia (1832 FIDE rating) finished 24th with 6 points despite a rough start (0.5/2), and was also first in the U-12 category and third woman.

13-year old Tsaknakis Zisis (1607 FIDE rating) finished 27th overall, second in the U-14 category, scored a rating performance of 1950, and had the biggest rating increase in the tournament, 49.5 points.

10-year old Nikolakis Panagiotis-Marios (1397 FIDE rating) finished 61st overall and first in the U-10 category. He also got shared first place in the U-1500 category, to gain a small money prize.

8-year old Gavriilidis Orestis finished 122nd overall, and was first in the U-8 category.


As for myself, I finished 101st overall, scoring 4/9, with a rating performance of 1457, and I gained 34.2 rating points. I started bad with two losses against significantly higher rated opponents but managed to then recover against a youngster. Afterwards I drew an Albanian veteran (which I had beaten back in April). Then in Sunday, which was a two-game day, I playing horridly, losing my first game after giving away a piece and then overlooked a king-queen fork by a knight against an 8-year old opponent, and resigned. Then I beat another youngster (after being a piece down), then beat a teamate of mine, and finally drew an ex-teamate (and current classmate in the chess club) in the last game.

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