Paris Grand Prix

Sep 25, 2013, 7:31 AM |

Currently the Paris Grand Prix tournament is underway.

Most interesting about the Paris Grand Prix is that the tournament is deciding 2nd place in the overall Grand Prix and therefore also decides a spot for the Candidate tournament.

Veselin Topalov who is not playing in Paris already have won first place in the overall Grand Prix ranking. Second place is currently held by Shakhriyar Mamedyarov who is also not playing in Paris. Instead two players Alexander Grischuk and Fabiano Caruana have the chance to overtake Mamedyarov to take second place in the Grand Prix and a spot in the Candidate tournament. Both Grischuk and Caruana need to win the Paris tournament to overtake Mamedyarov in the overall standing. Mamedyarov most rout for the 10 other players in Paris, if any of the 10 other players wins the tournament Mamedyarov qualifies for the Candidates.

All players in the tournament are rated higher than 2700, and 10 very strong players among them Gelfand, Ivanchuk and Nakamura will all very much like to win the tournament so it will be hard for Grischuk and Caruana to qualify for the candidates.

Tournament web page: Paris Grand Prix