16o Weekend "Roberto Magari" - Turno V

Nov 13, 2011, 11:26 PM |

I was very lucky to escape with a draw in this one.

The Open B section of the tournament is for players with ELO under 1600. We were 11 players, including 2 under-16s. My opponent here was a 12 year old girl who has been playing in tournaments since she was 8. So She played her first tournament a couple of years after I did, but has since played more than me and will no doubt go on to a glittering chess future.

I think I did well in the early stages to get close to an attack against the white kingside, but it never quite happened. Then her e-pawn came down on me, I took it when I shouldn't have, and she had an attack on my king which should have won. But I found a defence which looked plausible, and somehow she missed her correct continuation.


I was happy when I found 24. ... N5e. I thought I might be able to fend off the threat of Ng5f7+. My opponent must have though so too, because she misplayed her attack. She should have won at least a piece for a pawn, but instead she conceded a draw.