Report & analysis of 4th round Dutch League

Report & analysis of 4th round Dutch League

IM RobertRis
Jan 5, 2014, 9:12 AM |

First of all, I would like to wish you the best for the New Year with good health, happiness and lots of chess-related joy! 


As I mentioned before I'm not playing too much myself anymore these days, but from to time to I compete in several leagues in Europe. My Dutch team BSG Bussum has been doing surprisingly well, defeating higher-ranked teams like Apeldoorn and Rotterdam, though in the previous round we suffered a painful 7.5-2.5 defeat against Groningen. Yesterday, 4th of January, the 4th round of the Dutch was scheduled and we had to play against HMC Den Bosch who were prematch favorites with a slightly higher rating average.

 I am thinking over my next move. Next to me are IM Jasper Broekmeulen and my teammate IM Li Riemersma playing each other. Photo Rene Olthof.

I was paired on board 4 (In the Dutch league there is no fixed board order so basically you can't prepare seriously as it's hard predicting your opponent!) against my former trainer and current Head Coach of the National Women Team, IM Jeroen Bosch. After spending a lot of time in the opening I was lucky my opponent lost track and soon had to give up material after which it was basically over. Below I'll give you my short analysis of this game (enjoy the tactical possibilities!!) 


All in all I'm quite satisfied with this game, even though I have to admit I missed some tactical resources during game. My personal score now this season is 3 out of 4, with a performance of 2650+.

However, the team went on to lose the match with 6-4 and is now sharing the 3rd place with four other teams, while no. 9 (together with no. 10 will relegate) has only 1 matchpoint less. Hopefully we will do better next matches and stay in the league without too many problems!