Dutch League, Brainwave, ACA and Jobava!

Dutch League, Brainwave, ACA and Jobava!

IM RobertRis
Sep 29, 2014, 7:33 AM |

Hi guys!


It has been an exciting last week with a lot of chess activities happened I would like to inform you about.


Dutch League 2014/15

Last Saturday the season 2014/2015 of the Dutch League started again. In the last couple of years my team BSG has always fought against relegation with great success, which means we are still acting at the highest level in the Netherlands. This year most of the other teams seem to have weakened their line-up significantly, while Dutch prodigy Robin van Kampen has joined our forces, making us 4th seeded of the 10 teams prior to the competition. 


In the first round we had to play in Groningen against our nemesis. Luckily for us they bring their strongest possible team, as GMs Tiviakov, Ernst and Brandenburg were absent for our encounter. I was paired on board 3 vs. Jasper Geurink (2345 FIDE) and played a spectacular which ended abruptly after my opponent committed suicide.



This terrible oversight basically decided the match in our favor as on the remaining boards our opponents were unable to turn the tide. With a clear 4-6 victory we took home the two valuable matchpoints and keep on dreaming about a year without of fighting against relegation and instead play for winning the championship! Wink


Brainwave rapidtournament in Amstelveen


The next day it was time to switch my role as a player to organizer. Since 2008 an annual mind games event is organized in my hometown Amstelveen, and after winning the second edition I decided to replace my dad as main organizer of the chess part of this festival. This year 62 participants found their way to the tournament venue to play a 7 rounds Swiss rapid event. In the end GM Erik van den Doel turned out to be the best player of the day, scoring with 6/7 half a point more than Vladimir Epishin and Sjef Rijnaarts. 

The finals standings will soon be posted on the tournament website, but that the moment of writing I'm facing some trouble uploading. For now I would like to refer to the Facebook page of the event to check the final standings.


 IM Manuel Bosboom made his second GM norm last week in Bilbao, defeating top GM Peter Leko along the way, but this time he was less successfull and didn't win a prize.


As a tournament director you are always proud giving a prize to one the most talented kids. Khoi Pham is reigning Dutch Champion U8!
Amsterdam Chess Academy 

I'm very proud that finally I'm able to show the whole world the project I have been busy with last couple of months. Since last week the website of the Amsterdam Chess Academy has been launched and I'm very satisfied with the work done so far. The aim is to support younger kids in Amsterdam region developing their chess and personal skills by offering lessons in small groups of people. Currently we are preparing to start the courses in the beginning of november by actively cooperating with the Dutch Chess Federation as well as with the Amsterdam Chess Federation. I'm glad it's all going so well right now, but the real work (training kids) has yet to start! 
The Amsterdam Chess Academy (ACA) is incredibly proud that top GM Baadur Jobava will come to give a lecture on the 19th of October!
Besides supporting the development of these youngsters I'm intending to organize other activities as well, including simuls, lectures, rapid and/or blitzs events. On Sunday 19th of October from 2-5 pm we are kicking off with a masterclass from top GM Baadur Jobava. Baadur is one of my best friends in the chess scene and I'm extremely delighted he will cover the highlights of his match with Jan Timman as an opening act of my academy!
Exciting and busy times ahead, I will definitely keep you posted about my chess adventures. Cheers!