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Game of the Week #1: Grischuk-Rodshtein

Game of the Week #1: Grischuk-Rodshtein

Sep 17, 2014, 12:34 PM 4
For almost five consecutive years (January 2009-November 2013) I have been covering the weekly updates in opening theory with my friends IM Merijn van Delft and Peter Doggers. Researching the latest developments almost became an addiction for me and when the ChessVibes Openings and ChessVibes Training magazines stopped it felt like something was taken away from me. It was a fun and interesting period we had, but all good things come to an end.
Frankly I do miss a bit annotating the most topical, spectacular high-profile games on a regular base, especially when such an amazing event like the European Club Cup is taking place.
I couldn't resist analyzing some of the games myself today and, while doing so, I thought it might be interesting for the readers of this blog to share some of my ideas of the most spectacular game so far.
My attention was caught by the game of Grischuk against Rodshtein. What strikes me is that even quiet openings like Reti can explode so early and even totally new resources are possible to discover at such an early stage. Although the game was over after 22 moves I believe the tactical resources in the middlegame are pretty hard to evaluate over the board. I hope you will enjoy my analysis and enjoy the beauty of this miniature.

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