Training services IM Robert Ris

Training services IM Robert Ris

IM RobertRis
Dec 29, 2013, 2:17 PM |

Lately I have been receiving more requests for online training. Answering all the requests personally doesn't make too much sense and hence I decided to share my approach with you all, guys! In this blogpost I describe what you can expect if you take some lessons from me!

When I start lessons with new students I ask them to send me their latest games, preferably with some light annotations. Of course, I can analyse the game as deeply as possible with the aid of our silicon friend, but I think you would benefit more from the training if you point the critical moments of the game yourself.


The first few lessons I will spend some time with you going through your games, asking you a couple of questions to get a better opinion of your playing strength. For a trainer it's impossible getting to know his pupils better just by analyzing the moves, it's the thinking process that matters! The key to improving your level of play is analyzing your own games, especially with stronger players. That's the reason I have chosen for this particular method.


Hopefully after these sessions I have a better opinion of your strength and weaknesses so that we can create a training plan for future lessons. And really, everything is possible. Below some aspects of the game we can work on:


Opening RepertoireMany of you would like to improve their opening repertoire and I can be the one to help you! I have been analyzing for five successive years the most trendy lines for ChessVibes Openings (CVO), so I think I quite know some ideas which I might share with you! 


Calculation: is one of the most valuable skills for chess players. I have a lot of exercises to show you, and more importantly some good practical tips which you may use in your own games as well.


Endgames: I remember that when I was around 13 years old I didn't like too much playing endgames, I just wanted to get a decisive advantage right out of the opening. Obviously this approach backfired a couple of times and later, thanks to my good trainers, I started to appreciate the final part of the game more and more. Not surprisingly my result improved significantly after all this hours of endgame study! Nowadays I really enjoy analyzing practical endgames and through the years I have created valuable training material. For 2.5 years I had my own endgame column in ChessVibes Training (CVT) and I'm very much pleased to continue this column now in the Master's Bulletin! I'd gladly teach you more about the most elementary endgame principles.

But of course, there are many other options possible. If you have any other idea please let me know, I'm open for every other proposal!

My availability: If you are interested in taking lessons from me, you can leave me a message here. In general I'm looking for a long-term arrangement, for several reasons:

1) The most important one. I think that taking just a single lesson will not improve your level of play. It always takes some time before you see you are results improving, so be patient, allow yourself some time. The harder you work the more you'll benefit from our cooperation!

2) I am a busy man, have a lot of other chess-related activities and hence for me it's better to plan my schedule in advance. 


Payment: I charge 40 euro/hour. I think that is a reasonable offer, considering the fact I also need to prepare the lessons. If you fancy a long-term relationship I will offer you some interesting discount, e.g. 5 hour= 180 euro or 10 hours= 350 euro.

Sounds good, right? If  some of your questions have remained unanswered, don't hesitate and get in touch with me! I'm looking forward to a joyful and inspiring cooperation!