MetaSquares. I Am The Highest Rated In The World!

MetaSquares. I Am The Highest Rated In The World!

Dec 28, 2015, 3:08 PM |

I am the highest rated MetaSquares player in the world. I am LetsReason on

Back in the day, when it was created and run on AOL (circa 1990s), MetaSquares had one of the largest followings of over 100,000+ players! AOL tried to force the creators to make it a paid service game and creators pulled it. 

There were a few attempts to find a server to host it (MetaSquared was the best attempt) but they all eventually fizzled out when a more permanent server solution for multiplayer games could not be found. 

You can still download the client at
You can download SquareFour on Android.
You can download Squares on iOS.
You can play a Flash version at

I am trying to pursuade to pursue adding it to their library so we can build a community again for the great, chess-like game. Would you mind asking gameiq to host the game?

Message me if you'd like to play on Android on the online Flash version!