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I Legit JUST Started Playing Chess

Nov 9, 2017, 4:41 PM 0

Hey, I'm RobinthePerson, and I need help. I JUST STARTED PLAYING CHESS LIKE TWO MONTHS AGO AND I AM REALLY BAD AT IT!!! Today I won my first game and that was only because my chess team was doing this thing where the three younger kids(Me, a guy in 7th and a guy in 8th) were against three seniors rotating. So the three of us were at a table with different chess boards, and the seniors would make a move, switch to a different board, we would move, and so on. SOMEHOW I managed to get the king open on one side and put my bishop there and somehow the other guy managed to not notice it. I probably should have said check. Oh, well! Let me also say we were doing this with clocks, and we had 10 seconds delay, the seniors had 30 seconds, and the younglings had five minutes. I don't know if that really counts as my first win. Probably not... BUT STILL, JESUS HELP ME I'M SO BAD AT THIS. Do you ever get "homework" in chess. Today we had homework and that was to play a thirty-minute game. So I did that. I lost. Today's Rating:meh.png

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