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A Celebration about Nothing

Mar 8, 2015, 1:26 AM 0

Okay, a public celebration about nothing. Yet I am still happy.  Yesterday I got my highest ever rating in online blitz.  I am now 1604, the first time over 1600 ever.  I think my old record of 1587 was from October 2013;  I play a lot and over the past 2 years probably average at the 1490 mark;  I don't know because I currently don't have a membership with access to a rating chart.  Yet I am keenly aware that any given week I can fall back down to 1460, and overall don't consider myself getting "stronger", though possibly more consistent in the openings I play.  Yes, 30 points or so are from time wins when I was in losing positions, but I have been on the other side of that experience as well.  Part of me does not think my rating will go much higher until I simply start playing more G75 or G90.  I guess key supports for my progress are: Jerry on ChessNetwork, kingscrusher, plus all the videos, articles, blogs on chess.com.  Maybe this is a good time to set a small goal, maybe in 12 months I can get to 1700+ in blitz. 

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